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Swimming Lessons

At Queen Boudica all children in Year 5 go swimming at Leisure World Colchester in the summer term. Not only is swimming a part of the National Curriculum, but it is an excellent way for children to keep fit and have fun. The lessons take place, with qualified instructors, at Colchester Leisure World. The children will walk to and from the Leisure Centre, supervised and accompanied, by their class teachers and LSAs. 

Those children who are unable to swim 25 metres by the end of Year 5 or still need to build their confidence in the water will have extra swimming lessons in Year 6. 

Your child will need:

Girls: One-piece swimming costume (preferably plain colour) and hairband to tie up hair
Boys: Swimming trunks or swimming
Boys and girls: A towel, a carrier bag, googles and a swimming hat if they have them. No jewellery please, including watches. You do not need to provide money for lockers.

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