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Art and Design


Design Technology

In Design and Technology we follow the skills progression as laid out in the National Curriculum. We teach these skills through the creation of DT projects linked to our class topics. 

Children will develop skills throughout the design cycle including: researching, designing, making and evaluating. During their progression of primary DT they will cover working with different materials including: fabric, wood and card as well as looking into Food Technology. 

Examples of recent projects are: Rain Forest Smoothies in Year 3, Moon Buggies in Year 5, Puppets in Year 1 and Automatons in Year 4. 

National Curriculum:


BBC Bitesize KS1 :


BBC Bitesize KS2: 


James Dyson Foundation - Fun activities to try at home: 




At Queen Boudica Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum for Art and Design in KS1 and KS2. We follow the skills progression as laid out in the National Curriculum by producing a range of creative work using a variety of mediums such as painting, drawing and sculpting. 

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