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Year 2 make Bird Boxes

Year 2 have been busy this week building wooden bird houses which will be displayed around the school next term.

We loved using real tools to build our bird houses, and were careful while using the saws, drills, hammers and hot glue guns! 

Here are some photos of our day and the finished products. 

We hope you can spot them in the trees around school next term.

Year 4 Roman Shields

Year 4 had a wonderful time making their Roman Shields this week.

Year 6 - Virtual Residential!

QB V-Res 2020 Stuck at home but fun a-plenty! 

This week should have been the Year 6 residential to Kingswood in Norfolk. Sadly, it was cancelled due to lockdown but we were not going to let that stop us having a lot of fun! The Year 6 children and staff have had an amazing week on Virtual Residential with a full timetable of activities! Our ‘trip’ started with setting up camp and packing our bags with residential essentials for every letter of the alphabet: copious amounts of sweets and hay fever medicines to  pants to yak repellent went in. Good job it was a virtual bag as a couple of Grandparents were smuggled in there too! We ordered virtual breakfasts - someone ate 50 sausages. We won't say who because what happens on residential stays on residential!

We created waterparks for toys and staged an ‘adrenaline challenge’ from mountaineering, abseiling, leap of faith, pot-holing and caving. We told spooky stories by torchlight but didn't have nightmares, thankfully! Zipwires for teddies and campfire songs were also part of the fun (we even made our own instruments!) and we finished the week with a Nightline blindfold obstacle course, some stick craft and a marble run building challenge. 

It may not have been the week we had been looking forward to, but we made the very best of it that we could. Well done Year 6 – you were awesome!

Online and home-school learning

Another fantastic week of online and home learning at QB this week. All classes are getting into their new topics with lots of wonderful work and photographs being uploaded to our learning platform. Reception have loved their Under the Sea theme this week, Year 1 are thoroughly enjoying their new Wriggle and Crawl topic. In Year 2 Healthy Lifestyles are getting underway and Year 5 have done some wonderful artwork based on angles. Finally, Year 6s Evolution topic has seen some great research into Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle. Here are a few pictures from the week.

Home-schooling this week

Our first virtual week back and we have loved seeing all the work you are doing at home and all the lovely activities you are doing with your families. Lots of classes have started their new topics. We've seen wonderful myths in Year 5, biographies of Charles Darwin in Year 6, The Stone Age in Year 3, telling the time in Year 1 and much, much more. Lots of you are growing your own vegetables and plants at home and it has been wonderful to see those picture too.

Letter from Colchester Hospital

We received this lovely letter of thanks today from Colchester Hospital, for the letters that pupils wrote and left on the cars on NHS workers using the school car park. We couldn't put it better ourselves: Be kind, be safe, be well.

Letter from NHS

Rainbow of Hope

The few children and staff who were in school today had great fun decorating the front of the school, in the hope that NHS staff see it on their way to and from work. 

World Book Day 2020

We had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day; sharing stories with parents, a costume parade and much, much more.

Netball team success

Our first match of the season saw us play North Primary. A great game was had by all and a win for QB at 15-0! Well done team QB!


Cross Country Year 4

Report by Year 4 children who attended:

On Wednesday the 5th February we took part it a Cross Country event at Colchester Rugby club. We ran a 1000m race against around 20 other schools in North Essex. We had separate races for year three and four girls and boys. At the start of the race we all felt quite nervous, but as we drew nearer to the finish line we believed in ourselves and felt more confident. At the end of the race we all had to go down a single file barrier where at the end of the race we got tickets with our numbers that we came in. We all came in pretty good places but we are all very proud of one of our year 3 girls for coming 3rd place out of so many people. We are really grateful to the that adults that took us to the event, as otherwise we would of had no way of getting there.

Rubik's Cube Club

Our new Rubik's Cube club is proving to be very popular with the help of some expert children, who are helping to teach the adults too!

Year 6 first aid lessons

Year 6 have recently been learning about basic first aid by following the St John's Ambulance KS2 first aid course. So far we have looked at bleeding; bites and stings and choking. On Monday we had a visit from Amber who is a student paramedic at UEA and a St John's Ambulance volunteer. Amber spoke to the children about the importance of first aid and what a difference it can make to a critically ill patient. She then taught the children how to perform basic CPR - which was a lot harder than it looks on the TV!

Year 4 seismographs

As part of their topic this term, Willow class have been learning about earthquakes. This week the children created some model seismographs as part of their learning journey.

Amble for Australia

On Wednesday 22nd January, the whole school took part in our ‘Amble for Aus’ to raise funds for two charities supporting the devastating effects of the bushfires in Australia. The whole school walked around Highwoods Country Park – our youngest children were supported, in such a caring way, by our eldest children. Each child wrote their own personal message, which was placed on an Australia flag halfway around the walk. After school we held a cake sale to raise more funds and thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our school community we have raised close to £700! Thank you!

Sports Hall Athletics competition

Report by Year 4 children who attended:

On Tuesday 21st January we went to Essex University Sports Centre and took part in an event against thirteen other schools. We did events such as: javelin, speed bounce, standing long jump and the five strides. For the relays we did: 1 lap relay 2 people, 1 lap relay 4 people, 2 lap relay 2 people, obstacle relay 4 people. Turbo Javelin was really fun but we had to aim at the perfect height. We got it quite far. Speed bounce was really difficult because you had to jump over a high height, but I did okay. Standing long jump was quite hard because you had to jump really far in order to win. Five Strides was quite easy because you only had to go as far as you can, but I really enjoyed it. The 1 and 2 lap relay was really tiring but we really enjoyed it because we like a challenge.The obstacle relay was really, really hard because there was so many different obstacles and we think the speed bounce slowed us down and that was a little tiring. We came 10th place which was okay because it was our first event and we had never done some of the events before. All in all we really enjoyed the experience and were lucky to be chosen to do it.

Ordovices win the Tribe Cup for the Autumn term

Congratulations to Ordovices tribe who have won the Tribe Cup for the Autumn term. They will be awarded with a tribe non-uniform day very soon - well done!


Making slime in Willow class!

Willow class have had a great afternoon today making slime!

Winter Tribe Day

On Tuesday we held our winter themed Tribe Day. Children moved around different activities around the school in their tribes, with the older children supporting the younger ones. It was a great success as always with some lovely art and poetry produced, alongside fun outside and fitness games in the hall.

Year 2 Great Fire of London extravaganza!

This term, Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed learning about how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. We used iPads to research facts about the Great Fire of London and wrote fantastic non-chronological reports. A particular highlight of our topic was creating our own London Street and setting it alight to really experience what happened in 1066. It was fabulous end to our topic!

Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner

We've all had a wonderful day rasing money for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas jumpers and have enjoyed a delicious Christmas Lunch - thank you to our fantastic kitchen and MDA team who have made today so special.

EYFS Winter Craft Day!

This week Oak and Ash class had a wonderful day partaking in lots of different winter craft activities, they had a fantastic day and went home with a bag full of beautiful crafts to share with their families.

EYFS Nativity

Queen Boudica Tree Planting Day

Children from across the school have joined the Big Climate Fightback organised by the Woodland Trust in which one million people have pledged to plant a tree.

We have been working hard to improve the school environment and children have worked in groups to learn about the importance of trees and plant a variety of tree species across the site. We aim to plant over 200 trees across the school site.

A huge thank you to Mrs Harrington and Mrs Parry for all their hard work and commitment.

Christmas Tree Competition

This week we have held our bi-annual Christmas tree competition. Each class has designed a tree based on a favourite book. As you can see there are many wonderful and creative designs. The trees are in our school library – please do pop by to see them if you get the chance.

Year 1 and Year 3 share stories

In Year 3 we have studied different adventure stories and written our own set in Ancient Egypt!

We have explored a range of adventure stories and discussed how they have elements of danger and how something out of the ordinary usually happens. We were able to identify the language features used in fictional stories, such as adjectives, adverbs and similes. We also learnt how to create tension and suspense in our writing by including short sentences and ellipses. We then planned our own adventure story set in Ancient Egypt by using a story mountain to plan the opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending paragraphs. Next, we spent a week writing and editing our stories and then shared them one afternoon with each other and also both Year 1 classes. We are really proud of our stories and you can find them on display in the school if you would like to read some!

Year 3 Clay

In Year 3 we have been learning about how Ancient Egyptians believed in the afterlife, and the process of mummification. We know that the liver, lungs, intestines and stomach were washed, dried in natron and either wrapped in cloth to place in the body later or stored in canopic jars.
We then chose one of the four canopic jars and used paper mache, clay and paint to make them!
Here are some photos!

Christmas Star Trail

Each class in school, as well as Breakfast Club and Smiley Troop, have been busy designing stars that will be on display in Colchester shops over Christmas. There will be a trail that can be followed around town. Please look out for some of our wonderful designs.

Year 3 Gymnastics

In Year 3 we have been learning and perfecting gymnastics routines.

First of all, we learnt the static shapes of straddle, pike and tuck and practiced these on mats. We then progressed to performing these shapes as a jump from a bench. We are now working in a group of 3 to use these moves, along with props such as beanbags and balls to create a gymnastic routine to perform to the other Year 3 Class! Here are some photos to show you our PE sessions this half term.

Food Bank visit

Food bank

On Thursday, two of our Year 6 School Councillors, along with Mrs Eaton and Mr Rush, visited Colchester Food Bank. We took all your very generous Harvest donations and, after many trips back and forth from the car, had donated a total of 114 Kg of food! The pupils then helped to sort some of the donations and we learnt about how the Food Bank operates. The Food Bank were blown away with our generosity - thank you to our parents for your kind donations that made this possible.

Tribal Day

Our Harvest / Autumn Tribal Day was a huge success. Children took part in four activities throughout the morning in their tribes. The older children looked after our younger children in a very kind and considerate way. A big thank you to all the staff and our Year 6s for helping make the day so special and run so smoothly.

Year 3 Egyptian Day

On Monday, Year 3 had a wonderful day celebrating their topic. The children (and adults!) had lots of fun.

Tribal Shield Designs

Following our competition in the summer term, our four tribal design winners finally got to see their designs brought to life. The huge shields are now on display in the school. I think you'll agree we have some very talented young designers!

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