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At Queen Boudica our humanities subjects are taught in 'topics' with clear distinctions made when the chidlren are learning either History or Geography. These topics allow teachers to immerse their classes in rich knowledge around these subjects. 



At Queen Boudica, we aim to provide children with a secure understanding and rich knowledge of Britain's past and that of the wider world. Our curriculum is purposefully designed to allow children to make links between areas of study and have a good chronology of time periods. Each history unit is framed on a key question which guides the learning and children are taught the key historical concepts of chronology, significance, change and continuity, cause and consequence and interpretation.


Geography should inspire and fascinate children about the world in which they live. At Queen Boudica, our curriculum is designed to foster a child’s natural curiosity of the world around them, whilst embedding important geographical knowledge and skills. Children explore a range of places, starting with the local area and then expanding to further reaching destinations.

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