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The Queen Boudica Mile

The Aim of the Queen Boudica Mile

The aim of The Queen Boudica Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.

The Queen Boudica Mile is simple and free and gets children out of the classroom for ten minutes every day they are not doing PE to run or jog, at their own pace, with their classmates, making them fitter, healthier, and more able to concentrate in the classroom.

What is the Queen Boudica Mile?

The Queen Boudica Mile is linked to the Daily Mile which is a new initiative that has been created to try and get children across many primary schools active. It has been set up to get children to start walking or running or however they would like move (we have seen some fabulous dance moves)  roughly a mile each day which will improve their fitness levels. When taking part in the Queen Boudica Mile, children must use a specific period of time each day they are not doing PE performing roughly one mile of physical activity. The children choose how they wish to complete the distance around a selected outdoor area at our primary school. The idea is to create significantly better health in our children!

Benefits of the Queen Boudica Mile

There are a number of benefits of the Queen Boudica Mile. It has been researched and it has proven to improve not only fitness but also levels of concentration, mood and classroom behaviour. Due to the higher levels of concentration throughout the year groups, our children are able to be educated a lot more effectively which makes them much more likely to do well.

There are plenty of health and fitness benefits that could come from completing roughly a mile every day we don’t have PE. Children are also able to be focused throughout school after doing a small amount of physical activity. Having this offers pupils and teachers a stress-free environment in which they may be physically active and enjoy some time outdoors.

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