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Geography should inspire and fascinate children about the world in which they live. The primary curriculum provides children with knowledge and understanding about places, people, different environments and physical and human processes. 

Children should be able use a range of geographical skills such as:

  • Collecting data through fieldwork
  • Analysing and presenting this data
  • Interpreting maps, diagrams, globes and digital systems

In Key Stage 1, pupils will be taught:

  • To name and locate the continents and oceans
  • To name and locate capital cities in the UK
  • To make comparisons between different places
  • To identify seasons and weather and link this to the North and South Poles.

In Key Stage 2, pupils will be taught:

  • To locate countries and major cities in different continents
  • To name and locate counties and cities of the UK
  • To know the hemispheres, tropics, circles and time zones of the world
  • To understand differences in human and physical geography between places
  • To use maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping effectively

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