Curriculum – Early Years Foundation Stage

At Queen Boudica we deliver the EYFS curriculum through a range of planned activities that allow children to demonstrate the skills and knowledge that they have learnt.  We operate a free flow system allowing the children to work indoors or outdoor in all weather (including snow and rain!); we plan specific activities for the outdoor area that cover all areas of development in the same way that we plan indoor activities.

The children learn through themes, they are involved in sharing ideas and choosing linked activities.  We follow objective-led planning, whereby the curriculum objectives are delivered through a child-centred approach.  Our learning environment is set up to allow them to demonstrate their skills in a variety of ways, with the adults in the setting supporting and extending children on a small group or 1:1 basis.  Children also have the opportunity to engage with ICT in the form of using ipads, interactive whiteboards and remote control toys.  We also ensure that all resources are accessible in the classroom so that children can choose their own activity and the resources that they would need in order to carry it out.  It is these independent experiences that the adults in the class will be monitoring and assessing in an ongoing way.

Our school day has sessions of continuous provision – this is uninterrupted time whereby children can play and learn.  During this time, they also independently help themselves to their snack.  We join the whole school for a Celebration Assembly on a Friday, which is when we celebrate the successes that have occurred over the week.

As well as our time in school we visit the woods regularly so that children can experience a different location, engage with the natural world and do some exploration.  We have a dedicated Forest Schools leader who has helped the children learn how to use tools such as saws and hole borers, as well as teaching about fire safety in a very controlled environment – the children love toasting their own marshmallows!

Children in EYFS get regular opportunities to cook during our ‘independent’ cooking sessions.  We have made things such as cheese straws, Chinese stir fry and carrot cake.  The children develop their communication skills through taking their turn as a group leader.  They follow pictorial instructions and work together as a team.  The children get a chance to develop their skills such as measuring, chopping, grating and peeling using a range of equipment.

In every school, Reception teachers use the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) to assess the progress your child makes during the year.  Its intended purpose is to provide Year 1 teachers with reliable and accurate information about each child’s level of development at the end of the EYFS.  This enables them to plan an effective, responsive and appropriate curriculum for the following year that will meet the needs of each child.  During the EYFS year, we undertake regular observations that feed into your child’s learning journey; this contains information and observations from a range of adults (including parents/carers) as well as the child themselves.  We give regular feedback to parents during the school year through Parent Consultations and face to face interactions to inform and update you on your child’s progress.



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