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Skill Maps

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Our curriculum responds to the needs and experiences of our children through challenging, inspiring and engaging them with what matters and most importantly it aims to prepare children for the future, equipping them with life-long learning skills.

What children learn complies with the statutory requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the National Curriculum 2014 (for children in Years 1-6), also the Essex Agreed Syllabus for RE. We aim to ensure our curriculum:

– includes an emphasis on children’s personal development supporting children to become confident and resilient learners;
– encourages inquisitiveness, problem solving and enquiry based learning;
– develops children’s sense of community – our school, local and wider global communities and global dimensions.

The subject skills maps promote challenging subject teaching delivered through a cross-curricular project approach. The children complete a number of projects each year. The skills taught to each year group (see year group skills maps) are derived from the National Curriculum and ensure there is a progression in learning for each subject. Projects are then planned to ensure skills are systematically taught in an engaging context.

This approach works similarly in EYFS and more details for this can be found in the EYFS Policy which is also here on the website.

For an overview of the EYFS Curriculum please click this link

 Skills Map – Year 1

Skills Map – Year 2

 Skills Map – Year 3

Skills Map – Year 4

Skills Map – Year 5

Skills Map – Year 6