Welcome to our School Council 
2016 / 2017

Decorating the Queen Boudica Christmas Tree in St Michael's Church.



Our 2016 / 2017 Councillors are: 

Year 1: Alex Hadden and Lewis Ray

Year 2: Byron Boswick-Pagani and Ali Abidi

Year 3: Hansika Siva-Kumar and Jamie Connell

Year 4: Carl Chukwuemeka and Harry Sugden

Year 5: Carys Esden and Erich Sanglay

Year 6: Daisy-May Whiffin, Erin Dela Cruz, Harvey Kittle and David Garba


Each class has also elected a ‘deputy’ who will attend if the elected councillor is absent.

Well done to:


Year 1: Violet Boswick-Pagani and Freddie Wright

Year 2: Nathaniel Esden and TY Awoyinfa

Year 3: Eloise Pooley and Safiyah Mollan

Year 4: Rosie-May Parrott and Danielle Dela Cruz

Year 5: Joel Steel and Violet Pitt

Year 6: Karlin Barton and Kyla Poll



School Council Update – December 2016

This term we have been thinking about improving our lunchtimes.  We have carried out surveys of the activities taking place outside and have asked our classes for ideas of what they would like to do to make lunchtimes even more fun.

Some of us visited Colchester Foodbank to take our donations from the Harvest Festival.  A lady called Anne welcomed us in and showed us the warehouse in which all food is stored and sorted.  Our food was weighed (an amazing 190.1kg!) and will now be added to the collections.  Anne explained how an average of 14 people a day visit the food bank after having been referred by supporting services (such as the Job Centre, churches or a health visitor).  We saw how the food is sorted into groups (having checked all 'Use By' dates), with clear labels showing how many of each item people can receive.  Our food will help almost 10 families receive a pack, which is fantastic!

Another group of us visited St Michael’s Church in Myland to decorate our school Christmas tree.  We used decorations made by the children at Smiley Troop.

We meet every fortnight. Each meeting we discuss a special topic and help Mrs Cox and the governors to make decisions to improve our school.  Be sure to check out our display board in the library to see what we have been up to!

Delivering food from our Harvest Festival to the Colchester Food Bank.

Helping at the Colchester Food Bank