Chestnut & Aspen Class News

This term.....

Adapt & Survive

We have ventured through periods of history where we have researched how life has changed in order to adapt and survive. So far we have studied the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. Very soon your children should be able to explain just why 1066 was such an important date!


 In Maths we are focusing on our number knowledge including all four processes and getting ready to apply these to a variety of challenging problems.


We have been developing our investigating skills where we have carried out several experiments to understand light, how it travels and its various properties.


We thoroughly enjoyed performing and sharing our original poems with you in the style of Pie Corbett during our poetry unit.  We have now moved onto a new topic where we will be writing a story with a historical setting.  We have immersed ourselves in a variety of stories so far that have covered historical setting such as:

  • The Wild West
  • The trenches in WWII
  • Anglo-Saxon and Viking villages
  • Victorian homes/streets

 We will also be looking at the work from a variety of artists.