Hawthorn & Sycamore Class News

There’s an excitement of galactic proportions in Year 5 this term! Our new topic is all things to do with space and we will be writing science-fiction stories inspired by the Star Wars universe. The children will have a wide audience for their work as it is planned that it will be published on the Pobble website.

Maths is focusing on fractions and calculation strategies over the next few weeks. Within this, we will be developing the children’s ability to reason about their maths work. This is an important thinking skill and will help with working through problems,  as well as being able to find for themselves where they go wrong.

Science moves beyond the planet Earth to look within our Solar system and how other astronomical bodies impact on Earth. Hopefully, this knowledge will add an extra dimension to the children’s writing too.

Our geography work is very exciting as we begin to plan a colony on Mars! We are looking at different types of maps, thinking about the information they give us and looking at the topography of Mars to decide how and where is best to start to build a colony.