Ash & Oak Class News

It has been a very busy and exciting start for the new children starting in EYFS this term; they have settled in fabulously.

We started the term with our topic 'All About Me' to introduce ourselves to each other. This encouraged the children to talk about themselves in small and larger groups. We drew pictures of our families and painted self-portraits, looking at similarities and differences between ourselves and others. This topic was a great one to start with as it encouraged the children to become more confident around others  ( Personal, Social and Emotional Development) and promote their Communication and Language Development.

Once the children had completed their settling in weeks, we began a new topic of 'Once Upon a Rhyme'. Each child chose a new nursery rhyme card each week to take home and share. In class we introduced a new nursery rhyme each week and had focused activities related to the rhyme, such as seeing which surface was 'safe' for Humpty to fall onto (Understanding the World) and rescuing Incy Wincy from the spider's webs with tweezers (Physical Development). The children have also really enjoyed their introduction to independent cooking and have made delectable delights such as Twinkle Star biscuits and egg and cress sandwiches which many of you came to enjoy at our Nursery Rhyme Tea Party, when we also performed our group nursery rhymes which encompasses lots of the areas of development such as Expressive Arts and Design, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language. It was lovely to see so many of you coming to support the children and they really enjoyed having you here.

After half term we started a new topic called 'A Sack Full of Stories'. We looked at both traditional tales and unfamiliar stories, introducing terms such as 'character', 'setting' and 'event' as well as looking at repeated phrases (Literacy). We used a story map to learn The Little Red Hen and enjoyed performing this to our adults who came in one afternoon.  We love having you come in to see how your children are progressing. We aim to do something for you at least once a half term and will try to do this on different days and at different times to cater for as many of you as possible with work commitments.

One of our stories was 'Handa's Surprise' and this led nicely into finding out more about the world around us, looking at different countries on maps, globes and in atlases. The children enjoyed looking in non-fiction books to find out about animals, foods and events from different countries and we plotted these on a world map (The World, Technology).

The children were so delightful in The Nativity and we hope those of you who managed to come and watch the performances enjoyed it as much as we did. They were awesome!

We learn so much through topic and continuous provision activities, however we also teach Maths and Literacy daily through direct teach sessions, daily maths and daily phonics. This way the children are exposed to a variety of teaching styles. In maths, we have looked at number and counting, adding by combining groups, more/less, 2D and 3D shape, money, repeating pattern, sequencing and everyday language related to time. In phonics we follow Letters and Sounds and have introduced Phase 2 and are progressing through Phase 3 phonemes. We encourage the children to use both sounds and letter names, as well as recognising their sight words and 'tricky words' wherever they see them!

Home Learning started after half term. It is lovely to see so many of you having a go at the activities. each week we try to link this to something learned in class to make it meaningful for the children. Please keep up the hard work and remember it is useful for us to see the children's work....

In the spring term we are really looking forward to our topic of 'Sharks, Mermaids and All Things Wet' as well as beginning our Forest School sessions, which cover all areas of development. You are welcome to come along to these with your child and the children love having you there. Each class will go on alternate Tuesday mornings, starting with Ash class on Tues 9th January 2018. Please remember we cannot take younger children with us. If you need any information, please refer back to the 'Letters Home' section for the Forest School letter sent out.